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This 3-pack showcases three single origin coffees with distinctive taste profiles, including our Fair Trade Organic Nicaragua Segovia ProdecoopEthiopia Yirgacheffe Wenago and Brazil Black. Each 12 oz. bag contains delectable handcrafted coffees freshly roasted to order. It's a diverse collection that will surely keep your taste buds happy.
Fair Trade Organic Nicaragua Segovia Prodecoop
Over 2,300 small-scale farmers have joined together to create the Central Multiple Service Cooperative, better known as PRODECOOP. The initial coffee processing takes place on the individual farms. Sun-drying and final processing takes place at the coop’s dry mill, Las Segovias, located in the town of Palacaguina. PRODECOOP carefully supervises all phases of the coffee production and processing in order to ensure strict quality control. The coop has spent the last few years identifying and marketing the coop’s best coffees to improve the economic status of all the farmers. The coop families are proud to offer these excellent, high quality coffees as an example of their hard work and dedication.

Additional Information:
Cupping Notes: Dark Chocolate, creamy, toasted almond
Roast: Medium
Harvest: November - March
Process: Washed, Patio and solar dried machine
Altitude: 1,250 meters
Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Wenago
The Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Wenago is sourced from more than 850 farmers living in Wenago near the Yirgachefe District of
the Gedeo Zone within the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Regional State, Ethiopia. Farmers deliver ripe cherries to
the Wenago mill which is owned and operated by Oumer Abudu. Ripe cherries are carefully sorted and placed on raised drying
beds in thin layers and turned every 2 to 3 hours during the first few days of the drying process.

Additional Information:
Cupping Notes: strawberry, apricot, plum
Roast: Light
Harvest: November - May
Process: Natural, dried on raised beds
Altitude: 1,850 meters
Varietal: Indigenous Heirloom
Brazil Black
This South American coffee displays a rich and creamy body. Almond and brown sugar undertones are married with hints of dark chocolate to produce a perfect cup for any time of day. With it's balanced profile, this coffee can be enjoyed as drip or single origin espresso.
Additional Information:
Cupping Notes: Dark chocolate, walnut, creamy
Roast: Full Medium +
Farm: Finca Cerrado Mineiro
Harvest: June - October
Process: Natural
Altitude: 800-1300 meters
Varietal: Acaia Cerrado
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