Vesta x BKG Coffee Sea Salt Bar

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Truly a match made in heaven, Vesta’s Single Origin 66% Dark from Dominican Republic’s OKÖ Caribe farm and our meticulously roasted Brazil Black coffee come together in this charismatic melange that is highlighted by a hint of sea salt. Deep Chocolatey mocha notes in the coffee bean complements the bright fruits and spices in the chocolate, and it is guaranteed to lift up any time of the day, mornings or afternoons!

Vesta is a bean-to-bonbon craft chocolate factory based in Montclair, NJ. This husband and wife team (Roger + Julia) first make their chocolate from organic cacao beans from various origins with unrefined and organic Panela sugar, which is then used to make bonbons, baked goods, spreads, bars, and more. BKG is proud is collaborate with Vesta on this delicious project. 

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