Brewklyn Tea 3 Pack (3 oz. tins)

Brewklyn Tea 3 Pack (3 oz. tins)


This tea set offers a full range of Brewklyn teas, including our Organic Assam TGFOP, Organic Sweet Green and Organic Earl Grey. Each hand-packaged canister contains 3 oz. of a uniquely flavorful Fair Trade organic loose tea that’s sure to please the most discerning of palates.

Organic Assam TGFOP
This Fair Trade organic black tea originates from the Assam region in India. It exhibits a robust taste that is accentuated by its malty sweet aroma. The tea's natural boldness welcomes the addition of milk.

Organic Sweet Green
A Fair Trade organic green tea perfectly blended with safflower, peach, orange peel and ginger root. This unique combination produces a delicious light golden-green cup with a refreshing citrus flavor, fragrance and finish.

Organic Earl Grey
Cherished for its citrus fragrance, this tea is the most sought after in the western world. Subtle orange notes arise from the added oil of bergamot. Organic black tea leaves are blended together to yield a rich and rounded cup.