Enter the BKG Art Contest

Do you consider yourself on par with the likes of DaVinci, Dali, or Picasso? If so, DAMN that's incredible. If not, you're still in luck because we're looking for artists, designers, and basically anyone with access to a drawing tool to design our new bags. We need something that compliments the complex and unique flavors of our coffee.

The artwork can be digital, hand painted, drawn, collage, whatever. If it looks good on the bag it's fine by us. Chosen artists will receive the recognition they deserve. Their names, prominently, on every bag, free gallery space at our cafe, and a slew of good press around the web.

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August 31st - December 31st

Accepted Files

Images must be submitted as JPEG, PDF, or TIFF files. Final dimensions will be 13"x13.5" at 300 dpi. Please make sure that your artwork is at least this size or larger in order to fill the packaging area. More importantly, make sure it's your artwork. We don't like thieves. For your convenience, we've attached a link to the packaging file so you can play around.

Download Template

Artwork Submissions

Each entrant should submit no less than 4 pieces of artwork and there is no limit to how many entries each contestant can submit. The more, the merrier. Send them as an attachment or a download link to art@brewklyngrind.com.

Better Recognize

We value art and creativity, which is why the chosen artist will have their name and a brief shoutout featured on the bag. Obviously, you can choose to be anonymous but that's no way to make friends. Get your work on the shelves and your name in the streets.