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This 3-pack showcases three single origin coffees with distinctive taste profiles, including our Fair Trade Organic Nicaragua Alta De JinotegaEthiopia Limu Kossa Geshe and Brazil Black. Each 12 oz. bag contains delectable handcrafted coffees freshly roasted to order. It's a diverse collection that will surely keep your taste buds happy.
Fair Trade Organic Nicaragua Alta De Jinotega
This coffee is sourced from family owned farms organized around Cooperativa Multifuncional Family Coffee R.L. (COMULFAC), a cooperative founded in 2013. COMULFAC members live within the department of Jinotega, Nicaragua. Farmers cultivate coffee on farms that average 4 to 100 acres in size and they use their own micro-mill to process harvested cherries, which allows for meticulous care in depulping, fermenting, and drying the coffee. COMULFAC was established with assistance from J&M Family (a privately-owned export company in Jinotega), which has been purchasing coffee from these farmers for several years. The idea behind establishing a cooperative model was to help the farmers organize their efforts and combine their resources to develop social projects aimed at improving the quality of life in their communities.

Additional Information:
Cupping Notes: milk chocolate, caramel, citrus
Roast: medium
Harvest: December - March
Process: washed, patio dried
Altitude: 980 to 1,400 meters
Varietal: Bourbon, Catimor, Catuai, Caturra
Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic
Ethiopia Limu Kossa Geshe
Kossa Geshe is located in Limmu Kossa District in Western Ethiopia. This farm is part of 1,000 hectare land that was granted to the Nigusse Lemma family in 2009 by the Ethiopian government to safeguard some of the last remaining dense forest in the country. Abdul manages the farm and as of recently (2016) the coffee coming from the estate has won a Good Food Award.

Additional Information:
Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic
Cupping Notes: blueberry, grape, pineapple
Roast: Light
Harvest: January - February
Process: Natural, dried on raised beds
Altitude: 1,800 - 2,000 meters
Varietal: Indigenous Heirloom
Brazil Black
This South American coffee displays a rich and creamy body. Almond and brown sugar undertones are married with hints of dark chocolate to produce a perfect cup for any time of day. With it's balanced profile, this coffee can be enjoyed as drip or single origin espresso.
Additional Information:
Cupping Notes: Dark chocolate, walnut, creamy
Roast: Full Medium +
Farm: Finca Cerrado Mineiro
Harvest: June - October
Process: Natural
Altitude: 800-1300 meters
Varietal: Acaia Cerrado
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