With Christmas around the corner, we’d like to share a seasonal recipe to add a touch of the holiday season to your coffee. And speaking of Christmas, what’s better than a cup of delicious coffee and gingerbread cookies?

This all natural recipe yields 2 gingerbread lattes (12oz). To make this seasonal latte packed with winter wonderland flavors, you will need:

. 2 double shot espressos or 120g of strong coffee (see our 1 cup moka pot recipe)
. fresh ginger roots 40g
. brown sugar 40g
. cane sugar 20g
. 3 sprigs of clove
. 0.5g cinnamon powder
. dash of ground nutmeg
. milk 400g
. graham cracker/whipped cream/rosemary for garnish (optional)


Slice ginger roots to release more flavor. You can also dice the ginger which will yield even more flavor. However, we find sliced ginger easier to remove in the later steps.


Place a non-stick pan over medium heat. Sauté sliced ginger on its own (no oil) until it’s wildly fragrant. Keep your eyes on the pan and stir frequently. Add brown sugar, cane sugar and cloves, mix well. Turn the heat a touch lower. Continue cooking until the temperature reaches 240°F. Be very careful of the hot syrup!

Once the syrup reaches 240°F, turn off the heat. Then, add cinnamon and nutmeg. Be sure to carefully combine mixture well. You can distribute the syrup into preheated cups if you’re making the coffee right away. However, if the syrup cools down too much it will harden and be more difficult to dissolve. Conversely, you can continue stirring the syrup until it completely cools down. You will notice the syrup texture starts to get more pasty, then eventually sandy. At this point, you can store the ginger sugar mixture in a glass jar if you’re not using it right away.

Pro Tips: If you don’t have a thermometer handy, you can prepare a cup of ice water and use a spoon to drop the mixture in. If the caramel hardens, then the mixture is ready. Using preheated cups will not only make sure the caramel stays soft, it will also prevent cracked/shattered mugs due to extreme temperatures.


Espresso works perfectly for this recipe or you can substitute in any strongly brewed coffee. Check out our 1 cup moka pot recipe, which produces the perfect amount to split between 2 lattes. Mix coffee and ginger caramel/sugar well, and discard ginger slices.

Did we mention our nutty and balanced Brazil Black is a match made in heaven for this recipe?


For best flavor and texture, heat up milk until it’s 160°F. You can use a double boiler over the stove, or use a microwavable container to heat up milk in the microwave (around 1 minute heat up time depending on the microwave).

A simple milk frother will add a lot of texture to your latte (use frother according to manufacturer’s instructions). However, it’s not a deal breaker. You can add heated milk directly to the coffee mixture. Even without the foamy texture, the coffee will still have a punch of the seasonal flavors.


Whipped cream and graham cracker crumbs are both great options for toppings. If you’re looking for a boozy experience, a little bit of bourbon works wonderfully. For an extra Christmasy experience, slap a little spring of rosemary and serve it on top of the coffee.


2020 is a year like no other. Wherever you are, we hope you are safe and healthy. We appreciate your support through this difficult time. We also hope we’ve provided a great coffee experience to make your day a little better. With gratitude and warm regards, we wish you a happy holidays and we will see you in the new year!


Craig, James and Alain
Craig Farrelly