BKG is a small batch coffee company founded by 3 brothers with a love for stellar coffee. Our quest started in a Brooklyn apartment where we roasted our first batch in 2003. This golden batch would transform our hobby into a full-fledged coffee obsession with the launch of our roastery, followed by our flagship store and innovation lab.

At BKG, we are dedicated to a single mission: the unyielding pursuit of coffee perfection. Every day we go to great lengths to find and select only the finest, most delicious and responsibly sourced beans around. Our roasting process has been refined over time and each roast profile is individually designed to complement the nuances of the coffees we source. It is our delicate balance between art and science that ensures our profiling extracts the most accurate representation of each coffee. By roasting in smaller batches, we are able to maintain better control over the roasting process which guarantees each coffee is roasted perfectly and enjoyed at peak freshness. After all these years, we are still family run with a passion for our craft and community.

Thank you for supporting us on our caffeinated journey.


Ethically Sourced

We only source 100% certified Arabica coffee beans, carefully hand selecting each coffee based on specific quality and taste attributes. Not only do our beans produce a delicious cup of coffee, but they also help to promote sustainability in the countries in which they are cultivated through organic farming methods. Our commitment to sustainability doesn't end at the sourcing level, but also extends to our production practices. All our coffee is roasted using 100% solar powered energy.

Small Batch

Unlike larger roasters, we only roast in small batches. This guarantees our coffee is always consistent and fresh. All coffees are hand packaged and sold shortly after the roast date, which is conveniently displayed on every bag.

Local Flavor

We're based locally in our hometown of Brooklyn, NY. Our artisanal process is not only unique to our roasts but also extends to our relationship with our customers – you’ll know the person who roasts your coffee and not some salesperson!


Is it a duck or a pigeon? A question we receive more often than any coffee or brewing inquiry. Even though we are fond of ducks (truly!), the logo was designed to portray a homing pigeon. The iconic bird is more than just a tribute to our city. It pays homage to a pastime that has been in our family for generations. The act of flying pigeons above the cityscape represents a temporary escape from the daily grind. It's a moment of tranquility that we often found synonymous with our morning coffee ritual.