Getting knocked down is never an enjoyable experience...BUT for all its unpleasantries there's often a moment of clarity that follows. When we headed down to our space following the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, needless to say we had seen better days. With water levels reaching nearly 5 ft high in certain parts of the warehouse, our efforts to move equipment and inventory to higher ground was in hindsight, pointless. In a matter of just a few hours we lost everything. There were certainly lots of mixed emotions that day.....anger, frustration, self-pity as well as a couple of choice expletives, we'd rather not repeat. But as sad as our situation was, it paled in comparison to the heartbreaking stories of our neighbors, friends and family, who lost so much more.

We're big believers that life ONLY hands out challenges that your capable of overcoming. Born and raised in Brooklyn, we've certainly had our share. While Sandys unexpected one-two punch certainly knocked us down, both emotionally and financially, it hasn't knocked us out. While it has taken us time to re-group, we've managed to stumble to our feet, steady our legs and rebuild Brewklyn Grind with more conviction and determination than ever before. We want to thank everyone that offered a helping hand and kind words when our backs were literally against the ropes. We are back home roasting in our Red Hook community and we are here to stay!

Craig Farrelly