Brewklyn Brothers

BKG Coffee Roasters was founded by 3 brothers with a love for stellar coffee. Our quest for the perfect cup started in a tiny Brooklyn apartment where we roasted our first batch in 2003. This golden batch would transform our fledgling hobby into a full-fledged coffee obsession.

After years of honing our craft, we eventually cut ties with our Bay Ridge kitchen and moved our roasting lab to an old furniture factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn. It is here where we still continue our caffeinated journey one roast at a time.


Coffee Ninja

Craig is our very own 'Heisenberg.' This mad scientist {literally} heads up Brewklyn Grind's coffee roasting operation. His background in Biomedical Engineering, not to mention his obvious OCD (at least to the rest of us), has served him well in his role. Combining the right mix of intellectual curiosity and an unwavering attention to detail ultimately manifests itself in continuous innovation and quality in every roast.


The Most Interesting Man in the World

James is certainly the most colorful of the bunch. Spend a few minutes with him and you'll instantly know why. He boasts a big heart, a bigger right hook, and an eclectic list of interests that range from culinary experiments to prize fighting. An incurable coffee junkie with a refined palette, James suits his 'Jack of all Trades' role at the shop perfectly.



Lifelong Thinker

Alain is a self proclaimed 'thought leader' at Brewklyn Grind (nobody really knows what that title actually means, but he likes it so we let him keep it). A passionate coffee enthusiast with an eye for detail Alain is instrumental in managing day to day business operations, overseeing special projects, developing new customer relationships and building community ties. With a mixed background in business, unlimited access to coffee and two kids, Alain is never at rest always trying to improve the business while fostering a creative work environment.