Drawings Along Myrtle. October 4th-25th

Drawings Along Myrtle is a collaborative project between Pratt Institute’s Fine Arts and Foundation department with the Myrtle Avenue Revitalization Project (MARP), featuring works from alumni, students and members of the local community. Exhibitions will take place within ten businesses along Myrtle Avenue, engaging the diverse and culturally rich community as a canvas of mutual expression.

We are hosting Rodrigo Imaz @imazrodrigo a very talent artist from Mexico City. Come by the cafe to see his work in progress!

Exhibition: October 4 – October 25
Art Walk: Saturday, October 4th 5-7pm (all locations)
Meet artists and curators on a self-guided tour of all ten sites
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 4th 7pm, Splitty (415 Myrtle)

Exhibition locations, curators and participating artists:

1. Gnarly Vines 350 Myrtle (Carlton & Adelphi)
Curator: Jen Shepard, MS 12’
Artists: Sandra LaPage, Goldie Salimkhan MS 12’, Lucas Fuller BFA 05,’ Nathalie Collins MFA 09,’ Jinwha Kim MFA 15’ candidate

2. Brooklyn Sweet Spot 366 Myrtle (Adelphi & Clermont)
Curator: Bianca Hildebrand, MFA alum 14’
Artists: SeoKyeong L. Yoon (SKY), Jérémie Sarbach, Zezi Zhao

3. DC Optics 390 Myrtle (Vanderbilt & Clermont)
Curator: Ada Potter, MFA 15’ candidate
Artist: Will Hutnick MFA 11’

4. Splitty 415 Myrtle (Vanderbilt & Clinton)
Curator: Susan Luss, BFA alum 13’
Artist: Dakota Sica BFA Alum 13’

5. Peck’s 455A Myrtle (Waverly & Washington)
Curator: Bianca Hildebrand, MFA alum 14’
Artists: Colombine Zamponi, Kelly Larsen, Paul Butterfield

6. Corkscrew Brooklyn 489 Myrtle (Hall & Ryerson)
Curator: Will Hutnick, MFA alum 11’
Artists: Maria Dimanshtein, Jen Shepard MS 12’

7. Wray’s 503 Myrtle (Ryerson & Grand)
Curator: Jen Shepard MS alum 12’
Artists: André De Castro MFA 13,’ James Lipovac

8. Pillow Café 505 Myrtle (Ryerson & Grand)
Curator: Will Hutnick, MFA alum 11’
Artists: Shannon Finnegan, Nick Naber MFA 12’, Dakota Sica BFA Alum 13’

9. Brewklyn Grind 557 Myrtle (Emerson & Classon)
Curator: Caroline Taylor, BFA alum 09’
Artist: Artist Rodrigo Imaz

10. The Emerson 561 Myrtle (Emerson & Classon)
Curator: Ada Potter, MFA 15’ candidate
Artists: Monica Iancu, Alyssa E. Fanning